Saturday, February 23, 2013

Praying for Stem Cells

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On 2/22/13, ABC broadcast the healing story of Robin Roberts.  One particularly moving part of the story for me was the stem cell transplant with Dr. Sergio Giralt.  After all the toxicity of the chemotherapy the moment for injection was complemented by a physician’s prayer and “tears in his eyes” of Dr. Giralt.  

What is remarkable is that these prayers are not unique.  What seems unique is the prayer offered by the physician. The mystery of this technology is a reality for physicians.   This is a great example of how technology and faith can co-exist. 

The larger healing story was of a family, faith, courage and the witness of this reality to a national audience.  Thanks be to God for healing agents like the nurses, Dr. Giralt at Sloan-Kettering Institute and the healing of Robin Roberts.

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